Registrations are open for the 2014 Steve Werner Memorial!

The Steve Werner Memorial is a PDGA sanctioned two day event consisting of three rounds of 18+ holes of exciting disc golf. Sponsored jointly by the United Flyers of Sonoma and The Disc Golf Outlaws, it was envisioned as a low entry fee tournament designed to introduce newer players to tournament play. The tournament is open for pre-registration beginning in February each year and registration is open to all levels of play. You can register online at the Disc Golf Scene or Download the Flyer.

We got “double tapped”!

The activities Ace Pools took a beating this week as both Singles and Doubles pools were hit, back to back.

The Singles Pool Was hit on 4/15 by Greg Goben for a total of $118 when he aced hole 11. Greg became out first winner of our new Ace Pin awarded to those who throw a second Activity ace. Greg’s first Ace was last year. Congrats to Greg!!

The Random Doubles pool was hit the very next day on 4/16 by Steve Schroeder. His blind ace on hole 5 earned him an even $100. Congrats to Steve.

Just a reminder that an Ace pool will never be worth under $20.00 and that there is always a $20 bounty on an ace of hole #18.

Improvements to Crane Creek.

The first batch of mats for the new tees are currently in residence in our equipment shed. We still need substructure materials and hopefully we will have that soon. First up will be hole one which, of course, takes the greatest beating. Watch the groups’ Facebook page for scheduled work parties if you want to be in on the next improvements to the Crane Creek Course.

We also have a new split rail fence protecting the sliding hazard on the hill going toward hole 5. Thanks to Brad Cameron, Josh Sommers and the crew who turned out for the work crew!!

Also, a big thanks to Brad Cameron for his fine wood working skill in building the new box to hold flyers that is being put in at The Creek today. The previous box was literally torn apart by the (in)famous Crane Creek wind last season. This replacement is extremely sturdy and should last several seasons. Thanks, Brad!

We have Tee Pads!!

We have nine brand spanking new and beautiful rubber tee pads that have been cut and measured and are just waiting to be installed.!!
Time for a work part y’all!

2014 Steady Ed’s Announced

The Basket Cases announce the 2014 “Steady Ed’s Birthday Memorial”. Flyers can be downloaded from here. Online registration is available at The Disc Golf Scene site.

Plans for the 2014 Steve Werner Memorial

We are looking at the dates for The Steve Werner Memorial this year. It looks like we are shooting for April 26th and 27th. We also are tentatively planning to play both Crane and Taylor Mountain again this year. This is not set in stone but we need to get moving on reserving the date, so…..We are now open for comments, votes, wishes, etc.

Yet another one bit the, dust.

We will be out at Crane at 10am this Saturday (Feb 8) despite the monsoon and the Bag Tag Event at Stafford Lake, just in case anyone decides to surf on over. The Ace Pool has been reduced to $118 after Brian Denn aced #6 last week and took the last $250 pool. So…we are rebuilding. Their will likely be no doubles tomorrow due to bad weather and course conditions. Brian, we are holding your winnings for you.

Another One Bites the Dust!

Congratulations to Adrien Cormier who aced hole 18 (Steve’s Basket) yesterday, January 18, 2014. Adrien collected $250 plus the $20 bounty that is always offered for an Ace on 18. Why? Because that is Steve Werner’s personal basket and Steve is very protective of it, that’s why! So protective of it that this is only the 2nd time (in a sponsored activity) he has allowed to be be aced since the course opened! An this was the first time it has been aced in the current position. Congrats to Adrien!

A new year at “The Creek”

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 4, 2014 starts the 2014 season at Crane Creek.

We have the Handicap Singles League beginning at 10:00am with 2 (yes, that’s right 2) $250 Ace Pools. Handicaps carry forward, so if you qualified (three week qualification) you do not have to qualify again. As a reminder of our payout system, we pay the best raw score (best score before application of handicap), so if you haven’t qualified you still have a chance at $$. Then we pay the top handicapped score, second best handicapped and, if we have enough players, third best handicapped score and fourth best handicapped score. If you have the best raw score AND best handicapped score, you can collect either of the awards (best handicapped is usually the most) but not both. If you choose the best handicapped then the raw award goes to the second best raw score, same limitations apply.

If you have not qualified yet, YOU ARE STILL ELIGIBLE TO WIN THE ACE POOL!

THE 2014 BAG TAGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE! They are $10 just as they were last year. A portion of that goes to the club for course maintenance and a portion is set aside to be added to the pot for the final Bag Tag Roundup held in December.

As usual, Random Doubles will be held following singles. The Ace Pool for doubles is at $215.

REMEMBER: There is always a $20 bounty on hole 18!

There will be a brief meeting tomorrow morning to discuss some proposed rule changes.

Add it to the Bucket List!

This one should go on everyone’s Bucket List…even if you aren’t a disc golfer.