2013 Bag Tag Kickoff Report

We actually had a fairly good turnout considering it was held during a cloudburst.  Many other club members were on the course doing tee work and elected to continue with the work crew rather than play.  Thanks a lot guys!  You did a really great job on the course and we appreciate it!  New hole placements are great.

Josh Sommers has a new course map that we will be making available shortly.

Now the tag placements as determined by the kickoff event.  Remaining tags are now available on open sale at all Crane Creek club sponsored events and are active not only at Crane Creek but also at Lake Sonoma and the new course on Taylor Mountain until the latter two start their own bag tag programs.

2013 Bag Tag Kickoff Results
Name Bag Tag Number
Brad Cameron 1
Dale Gatlin 2
Kevin Throop 3
Kevin Parkhurst 4
Morgan Lanning 5
JJ 6
George Houston 7
Dustin Perez 8
Josh Sommers 9
Scott Campbell 10
Josh Shirvanian 11
Jake Schultz 12
?? 13
Noah Parker 14
Roger Cansler 15
Jake Schultz(13) & Roger Cansler(15), you can pick your tags anytime.