2014 Ace Race


The Spooktacular Ace Race  ~ October 25, 2014


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The Race Is On!
Each Autumn, disc golfers from around the world gather at their local courses for one purpose: to throw aces! No putting, no approaching… just runnin’ at the chains.

This is not a PDGA sanctioned event, it is a Disc Golf Activity so you do not have to be a PDGA member to participate nor are there any association fees, therefore the lower admission! EVERYONE

2011 was the first time we held an Ace Race at Crane Creek and it was quite successful. The course is modified in order to facilitate the ace! Most of the changes will be secret until the day of the event, but, in general, the holes will be shorter..

Because this is an event, not a tournament, the format is different from normal play. See Ace Race Rules for an explanation.

Player package:
2013disc_tiltGuaranteed to be at least twice the value of your entry fee! The 2014 player pack is expected to include two identical Discraft prototype discs made especially for Ace Race, plus a bundle that is always a pleasant surprise. More than a $50 value!

The 2013 Ace Race player pack included:

Although the actual contents have not been announced yet, the 2014 package can be expected to be similar.

  • Two copies of the 2013 Ace Race prototype disc: It’s a beginner-friendly distance driver… and it’s in premium Titanium plastic!
  • One Titanium mini Magnet: you’ve never seen one before, since they’ve never been made before!
  • Two reusable scorecards/bag tags: something else you’ve never seen before! We commissioned these reusable scorecards just for 2013 Ace Racers. With a pencil and a clean eraser, you can use your new scorecards for round after round. The first one is credit card sized… keep it in your wallet and you’ll always have a scorecard ready to go. It also makes a cool bag tag!
    The 2nd reusable scorecard is larger for easier use and up to six rounds of 18 before it needs erasing. The flipside has the complete 2013 Discraft flight chart for easy reference anytime. Stash it in your back pocket, in your bag, or use the punch hole to hang it wherever you like.
    We’re also including a pencil with eraser with your Ace Race player package, so you can start using these cards right away.
  • Two high impact plastic pint glasses: very cool!
  • One beverage koozie: silver on black, jack.
  • One tri-panel Discraft sticker: three stickers in one.

There will be additional prizes, awards and activities. In all, it will be a fun day.

2014 Discraft Spooktacular Ace Race ~ $25.00